Remote Services during COVID-19 Pandemic

We feel that the health and well-being of our sangha members is top priority and we feel it is prudent to pause in-person services to embrace the recommendations of social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we won’t be meeting in person, we are connecting online even more. Here’s what we’re doing:

  1. Our weekly services are all being done online via Zoom. See schedule below and join us via this link: To obtain the password, please email
  2. We encourage everyone to friend each other on the InsightTimer app so that we can sit together and encourage each other’s daily practice virtually. 
  3. Every regularly attending member has expressed feeling supported by and wanting to be more social with the sangha. We encourage everyone to exchange info and connect via phone, text, skype, zoom, facebook, facetime, Google Hangout, Duo, or whatever app you like. We’re so thankful we live in a time with so many ways to connect remotely. 
  4. Please remember that you can donate to BHZ online via PayPal and Facebook. You can also mail a check to the Zendo. Unfortunately, we still will be paying rent even if we aren’t sitting there.

Welcome to Burning House Zendo

We are a lay Rinzai Zen Buddhist community in Baltimore. It is our mission to promote the practice of Zen Buddhist meditation (zazen) and to provide basic instruction and a support structure for individuals seeking spiritual enrichment and insight through the practice of zazen.

Our Regular Schedule

We are a Sangha of working professionals which occasionally leads to cancellations of our services.

Weekdays8:30-9:15 am40 minute sit with short chant.
Saturdays8-9:30 amCancelled until the Fall.
10-11 amCancelled until the Fall.
3-4:30 pmHeart Sutra chant, two 40 minute sitting periods with 5 minute kinhin between, with quick chant to end.
Sundays7-9 amFormal Morning Service chanting from sutra book and two 30 minute sitting periods with 5 minute kinhin between.
Heart Sutra chant (English), two sitting periods with 5 minute kinhin between, with quick chant to end. Length of the sits are determined by the comfort level of those attending.

For beginners

If you’re new to sitting meditation, please come to the Wednesday night or either Saturday services before attending a Sunday morning service. When there are new members at those services, we offer beginner’s instruction and abbreviated sitting periods which are not offered at the Sunday morning service. Feel free to email us with any questions you have before joining us for the first time at