Remembering Hoin Michael Prenger


On March 12th 2017, our dear friend and dharma brother Hoin Michael Prenger died. He was a pillar within the sangha, and is partly responsible for the regularity of Burning House Zendo’s open doors over the last decade. Hoin was usually one of the first faces that newcomers saw when they came to the zendo, and his gentle way with people made him our best ambassador.

A Buddhist memorial service was offered for Hoin on Sunday March 19th. Sangha members, friends, and family offered remembrances and chanted vigorously in his honor. The sangha would like to thank Dharman Alan Stortz for leading us.

A second Buddhist memorial service conducted by Genro Lee Milton from Endless Mountain Zendo is being planned for the near future. Burning House Zendo will post details as they become available.

It will be hard for sangha members not to think often of Hoin.

Namu Hoin Michael Prenger!

Hoin’s Baltimore Sun Obituary