Get support from our Sangha at home

Every Day Vow Sangha is a group on the app, Insight Timer, which was tested by sangha members from Burning House Zendo and Endless Mountain Zendo. Here’s what the group has to say about it:

Interested in strengthening your practice with a commitment to daily zazen? For lay practitioners, this aspiration can elude us. A pilot group of smart-phone wielding Zen students are trying out an established meditation timer app called Insight Timer in an effort to reach this goal. it offers a timer to track your sits, and a group service that lets people stay connected, plus other features. At the heart of this student group’s charter is a simple goal: Sit every day for 30 days, for a minimum of 20 minutes. Repeat.

Anyone can join this group, and each 30 day commitment cycle begins on the 1st of the month. By using the application’s timer feature, your consecutive sitting days are recorded within the app and made visible to the group. If you miss a day, it happens – feel free to check in with the group – and keep sitting! The group service itself facilitates sangha support in this, and the app makes it possible to send messages to the group and cheer each other on.

The next 30 day cycle begins on April 1, 2019. if you would like to join us, visit your smart-phone’s app store and download Insight Timer (link on the menu bar to the right). An account is needed. Once you’re in, search for the group called Every Day Vow Sangha (See screenshot below).