Burning House Zendo is a Rinzai Zen Buddhist community in Westminster, Maryland, USA. We actively encourage those contemplating meditation, Buddhism or Zen practice to come join us. The Zendo tries to maintain at least one day a week for newcomers introduction and instruction. Please see our schedule for days and times of our weekly services and information on introductory classes for anyone interested in learning about Zen practice.

We come together to share sitting meditation and fellowship several times a week and share weekend and week-long practice periods several times a year. If you’re new to Zen, we offer introductory classes to help you become comfortable with seated meditation and the procedures for practicing together at a Zen center. You can read an introduction to our tradition in our beginners manual.

Our History

We began meeting together for Zen practice in the early 1990s. We met for several years in a member’s home and in various churches in the area, and began renting our own space in the summer of 2001. We left there in 2009, and have now moved into our second independent home.

Diversity Statement

Burning House Zendo welcomes everyone. We respect and support all people, no matter their ethnic origin, race, gender, cultural background, socio-economic class, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical ability. What we all share is the intention to grow in our practice and compassion so our sangha may be a refuge for all.

Let us know if you have any questions. We hope we’ll see you soon!