JULY 31ST, 2011


7 AM – 9AM  Morning Service

9-10 AM Samu Work Practice

10-12AM Diamond Sutra Chanting/Zazen

12-1 Lunch on Your Own

1-3 PM Teshio and Zazen

3-5 PM Zazen and Closing Ceremony

5PM Sangha Dinner at Sushi Hana 6 W. Ridgely Road (across from the zendo)

(menu)  http://www.sushihannabaltimore.com

Reservation for Zazenkai and Dinner Required

by 7/15/2011


Burning House Zendo 10th Anniversary Zanzenkai

Burning House Zendo will celebrate the sangha’s 10th Anniversary with an all day Zanzenkai on July 31, 2011 followed by a sangha dinner at a yet to be chosen restaurant.

The schedule for the Zazenkai will be posted later. We hope that all of those who have sat with us in the past will attend part or all of this celebration. Please contact mutei@aol.com if you plan to attend.

Zendo Closing Ceremony, 7/25/2009

After eight years on Harford Road, we said goodbye to our storefront zendo with a final afternoon of traffic-mind, a simple ceremony, and dinner together. Thank you again to everyone who’s passed through our doors these eight years and made the zendo come alive with work and practice and laughter.

2008 Zazenkai

Zazenkai are short retreats held without the presence of a teacher. At Burning House, they are usually weekend-long, except for Rohatsu, which also includes sitting during the week. They are good opportunities for deepening our practice together without requiring the time commitment of a full sesshin.

Zazenkai were scheduled for 2008 on:

  • March 29-30
  • June (Burning House Anniversary Celebration): Canceled
  • September 20-21
  • November 29 – December 7 (Rohatsu): Canceled

This year brought serious health problems to the families of four sangha members, and we weren’t able to carry out all of our plans for sharing zazenkai together. Our hearts go with everyone caring for loved ones at home, and we hope the new year will find us all happy and healthy and sitting together again.

Rohatsu 2007

Rohatsu, the celebration of Buddha’s enlightenment, was held at Burning House Zendo from 12/1 through 12/8, 2007, with silent retreats both weekends and Morning and Evening Service throughout the week. Thanks to everyone who took part, and especially to Laura for literally nourishing our practice.